Our Data Policy

At ForexJapan, your privacy matters immensely to us. We want you to feel confident and secure when using our service. That’s why we’ve put together this Data Deletion Policy to ensure that your personal information is handled with care and in accordance with regulatory policies.

How we handle our customer data?

  • The company shall not use the personal information or transaction information obtained from the customer (hereinafter referred to as “Customer Information”) to the company’s main branch, subsidiary, affiliated company, agents, or affiliated financial institution. (hereinafter the same shall apply) and other outsourcers (including those located overseas) to the extent necessary for the storage and management of customer information and for the execution of our business related to other transactions.
  • If the company is required to submit customer information due to laws and regulations, court proceedings, other legal procedures, or requests from government agencies, the company may comply with the request.
  • Regarding the handling of customer information, in addition to this article, the guidelines of the Personal Information Protection Act in the financial field shall be followed.

Data Registration Policy

  • Those who wish to register may apply for membership registration by the method prescribed by the company after agreeing to these terms and the various regulations separately established by the company.
  • The company will approve membership registration and issue a membership card if the company deems it appropriate. Please note that the membership card may only be used by the member, and the member may not lend, transfer, pledge, or provide the membership card as collateral to any other person. If a member loses his or her membership card, he/she shall immediately complete the procedures for reissuing the membership card using the method prescribed by the company. Even if a member’s membership card is used by a third party, the company will not be responsible for any damages, losses, expenses, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “damages, etc.”) incurred by the member before the issuance procedure. Our company will not be held responsible unless there is intentional or gross negligence.
  • Members shall be responsible for strictly managing their membership numbers so that they are not disclosed to third parties. If a member forgets his or her membership number or if there is a possibility that a third party may have known it, the member shall immediately carry out procedures to change the membership number using the method prescribed by the company. The company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the member before this change procedure due to the member’s membership number being known to a third party unless there is intentional or gross negligence on the part of the company.
  • Members may use the service by presenting their membership card or by any other method deemed appropriate by the company.

User Data Validity and Deletion

  • To use this service, you will be required to complete the registration procedure under the Data Registration Policy and register as an overseas remittance transaction member (hereinafter referred to as a “member”) designated by our company.
  • Members may use the service based on these terms.
  • The validity period of membership shall be one year, and if now request for cancellation is made by the member, the validity period of membership shall be extended for an additional one year, and the same shall apply thereafter. However, if you do not use this service for one year from the date you last used this service, we will cancel your membership registration.
  • If a member requests cancellation during the contract period, this contract will be canceled immediately, and if you wish to use this service again, you will be required to register as a new member. In addition, when canceling a membership registration or canceling a contract during the contract period, the member will not be charged for cancellation fees.