Privacy Policy

Basic policy on the safety management of personal data

Forex Japan Co., LTD. is Personal data leakage, For the prevention of loss or damage and other safety management of personal data, We comply with laws and other guidelines concerning safety management of personal information. Take necessary and appropriate safety control measures centered on the following three items, By continuously reviewing this, We will strive for safe handling of personal data
1. Organizational Safety Management Measures.

We will establish "Person in charge of personal information safety management" as general responsible person in charge of business related to safety management of personal data. Regarding the handling of personal data, we conduct periodic audits in accordance with strict rules and confirm handling situation. Even if leakage occurs, we will develop a system that can handle customer's personal information top priority.

2. Personal safety management measures

We will clarify the roles and responsibilities of our employees and conduct education and training to ensure thorough dissemination. Also check the compliance status of employees about personal data management procedures

3. Technical safety control measures

We will manage appropriate authority to access personal data. By identifying and authenticating access users, we will enforce access control according to authority and strive to prevent leakage / damage of personal data. We regularly audit the access of personal data, the operation status of information system, etc